Our Process

At ​Penns Woods HEMP​, we believe a superior product starts from the ground up; meaning the entire process, ​From Soil to Oil, ​is meticulously managed to ensure we produce only the highest quality products, ​From Soil to Oil Done Right!™ We work hard every day to make sure our products exceed your expectations, because quality matters to us as much as it does to you!

The process begins with Superior Genetics

Top quality starts with high standards

To deliver the best products to you, we knew we couldn’t stop with top quality hemp extract. That is why every other ingredient in our products are sustainably grown too. You have to put the best ingredients into a product in order to get the best results, so that is what we do.

Carefully crafted every step of the way

Superior Genetics, Farming Soil to Oil Done Right!

Contact us now as we are pleased to offer Sweet Water Oil™ to you, your family, including the 4 legged members!

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